When visiting the Colombian city of Medellín, it is important to know the Comuna 13, a neighborhood that in the 90’s suffered from violence and where is currently an example of revitalization and urban recovery. In this article I’ll share some of my travel photos and hope you enjoy it.


fotos artigo comuna 13

The six flights of escalators are surrounded by graffiti, making the experience artistic and inspiring.

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In addition to the various graffiti present there, there is an impressive spectacle when we reach the top of the stairs: the breakdancers. To know a little more about them, I highly recommend the following article: The Beauty and Breakdancing of Medellín’s Comuna 13 by Wesley Tomaselli, OZY Author (in English).

Finally, there is nothing better than to finish the tour by shopping and eating, so I recommend the Aroma del Barrio Café. A beautiful place with souvenirs and great coffee! Cozy and cheap!


I hope you have been willing to visit the Comuna 13. It is certainly a worthwhile experience!

A kiss and see ya.