Are you thinking of traveling to Medellin?

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Today I will talk about some attractions of Medellin that besides being one of the main cities of Colombia, offers many attractions for the visitors.


Pueblito Paisa is a replica of the paisas villages. Paisa is the denomination of one of the peoples that make up the Colombian identity. The venue offers several gift options that fit into different budgets. It is a great place not only for shopping, but also to sample local gastronomy. Finally, I can not forget sight! The viewpoint of Pueblito Paisa allows a panoramic view of Medellín that is able to take your breath both day and night. Super Highly recommend!


The second obligatory stop of the city is Plaza Botero. A true open air museum with 23 bronze sculptures by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. Around the square there is the Cultural Palace Rafael Uribe Uribe and the Museum of Antioquia.


Museo de Antioquia  is the third must-see place in Medellín. The museum is in an Art Deco building, and is a national monument. The collection has extreme international relevance and features paintings, sketches and sculptures by Fernando Botero, history of Antioquia art, history of Colombia itself, art and ceramics from the pre-Columbian period, sacred art, Pedro Nel Gómez murals and various arts Colombian artists. It is possible to spend hours and hours in this museum, and it is an unforgettable experience!


But if you do not enjoy a lot of the museum and prefer to enjoy the nightlife, I have great news for you! The nightlife of Medellin is sensational! The 70 avenue is a place full of bars, casinos, discos and restaurants for all tastes. There you can dance a lot of Latin songs (cumbia, salsa, rumba, merengue). And food is varied, with hamburgers, ice cream shops and everything.


Another option for nightlife lovers is to go to Parque Lleras, in El Poblado neighborhood, which also has a wide variety of bars and restaurants. A bohemian spot in the city.


The last unmissable spot on today’s list, remembering that Medellín has a lot to explore, so of course I will do a lot more lists, it’s Comuna 13! Imagine you entering a community and finding escalators ?! Well, in Commune 13 you can not find only one, but 6 flights of escalators! And best of all, there is an outdoor graffiti museum. Formerly known as the most violent and dangerous community in Medellín, today it is a must see! Visiting Commune 13 was a unique and utterly indescribable experience! Just going there to understand the feeling!


Well, that’s it. Below is a video about the tips of this post.

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